Confetti with a blue backgroundPine Turns Six!
December 8, 2021

Six. Whole. Years. It’s been a bit of a wild ride so far. I’ve run Pine Design Studio since 2015. It’s been through a few iterations. At times it’s been a lot of fun. And other times it’s looked like it was failing. But I think I’ve finally cracked it!

Large LeavesNew Service: Social Media Strategy and Content Creation
December 8, 2021

To compliment my wide range of branding service offerings, I'm now providing social media strategy and content creation to clients. Stay relevant and grow your social media presence organically.

An illustration of a mountain scape, sky, trees and sunEvents Have Changed
March 26, 2021

What a rough year or so it's been for events. Who knew that something as enjoyable as charity sports events, live music and get-togethers would be hit so hard over the past year or so?

An illustration of a mountain scape, sky, trees and sunThe Role of The (Freelance) Designer
January 28, 2021

Somehow, I've made it through my fifth year as a freelance graphic designer running my own small business.

Pine Design Studio number 5 illustration with confetti backgroundPine Turns 5!
December 14, 2020

Somehow, I've made it through my fifth year as a freelance graphic designer running my own small business.

Photo of mountains and pine treesBuilding a Low-Impact Website
August 7, 2020

The internet uses A LOT of energy. It's something that most people, (including myself until recently) don't consider. This high energy usage therefore creates carbon emissions, which lead to the speed up of climate change.

Honest Hold wooden crimp blockPine Launches A Side Hustle
May 21, 2020

We're still in 'lockdown' conditions here in the UK. In my previous post I mentioned that I'd re-kindled (pun intended) my love for woodwork by making climbing training products for the UK climbing community.

A photo of fields and sky How I'm Coping With 'Lockdown' As A Freelancer
May 10, 2020

Who would have seen this coming? I'm writing this after 47 days of lockdown in the UK (not that I'm counting). I know that there are much bigger issues at this time but I thought I'd share my experiences as a self-employed person during these troubling times.

Pine Design Studio number 4 illustration with mountains in the backgroundPine Turns 4: The Highs and Lows of Being a Freelancer
November 25, 2019

It’s been 4 years since I stopped working for a design agency and started working for myself as a freelance designer. It was one of the biggest decisions that I’ve made in terms of my working life, but strangely at the time it didn’t seem too daunting.

Photo of the Manchester High School For Girls printed boards in their main hallThe Importance of Design in The Education Sector
September 3, 2019

Education. It’s such an important part of anyone’s development through life. Designing for this sector helps to project this importance out to the world. To tell the stories of how education impacts the lives of both children and adults.

Photo of a blonde woman working on a laptopBespoke Websites vs Template Websites: Which Is Best?
August 28, 2019

Thinking of refreshing your website or creating a completely new website? Navigating the world of website building is often very complicated. There are generally two avenues to choose between.

Photo of a woman drinking a cup of coffee on a sofaYou Are Not Your Audience
July 5, 2019

It seems simple, right? But as a business owner, it’s so hard to enforce this rule on yourself when you’re putting together the marketing materials for your product or service. Don’t worry, I find it hard too!

Creative North presenter on the stageCreative North 2019 Review
June 12, 2019

Reviewing the very first Creative North. A conference for creative copywriters, content producers and designers.

Photo of a desk with an Apple computer and notebookTips On Choosing The Right Branding Expert
June 10, 2019

A few quick tips on choosing the right expert for your next branding project.

Photo of the Company Of One bookBook Review: Company Of One
May 24, 2019

Here's my review of 'Company Of One by Paul Jarvis. A must read for any solo business owner!

A photo of Chris Seed hiking in the Lake DistrictHow I Stay Ethical In Business And At Home
May 16, 2019

Recently, I shifted my business ethics to only work with clients who I believe are doing good things in this world. In this blog article I wanted to talk about what my personal ethics and environmental views are, and how they run through to my business.

Photograph of a rock with ice covering itThe Design Process: No Project Is The Same
May 10, 2019

If there’s one thing that I’ve learnt from my 10 years in the design industry it’s that no project is the same.

Photo of Chris Seed in the Lake District reading a mapGood Causes - My Definition
May 8, 2019

In my previous blog article I outlined Pine’s new direction: Graphic design for good causes. But what constitutes as a good cause?

Photo of the sea and a sunsetA New Direction - Design For Good Causes
March 28, 2019

I’ve been running Pine as a design practice since 2015. That’s pretty much 4 years I’ve got under my belt. And previous to those 4 years I did a further 5 years in agencies, in-house and as a freelancer. So I’ve kind of covered most of the bases as a designer.