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About Pine

Your Responsible Design Partner

Here’s the important part. If you’re on this page, you want to know who Pine are.

Basically, we’re a small Freelance design studio, based in the Peak District. We’re run by Chris Seed, and we were formed in 2015.

What do we do? Design and make marketing materials for responsible businesses. That could be as small as a business card, as large as a billboard, or something that depends entirely on the size of your screen like a website, an email template, or a digital ad.

Why do we do it? Because we’re bloody good at creating things that help our customers grab attention and generate business, and we’d rather do it for smaller and more ethical businesses than gigantic cut-throat ones.

That’s the important bit out of the way.

Now here’s some more information you might be interested in.

Chris graduated (with first class honours) in BA Graphic Design. Immediately started a two-man design agency specialising in branding.

He moved back up North and began working in-house for a national radio station group as a web designer. Working with huge brands such as Sky, Flora and Arnold Clark.

Chris worked in a large Manchester based website agency as a web designer. Designing bespoke websites for a broad range of clients.

He became a designer in a boutique advertising agency. Working with large clients such as Land Rover and Saint Gobain.

Bored of the agency life and sick of commuting every day Chris went freelance and Pine was created as a freelance design practice.

Pine got a 'reboot' and shifted into an ethical design practice. This allowed Chris to align his ethics and ethos with his client's views.

So Why Are You Called Pine?

It’s such an emotive word. Think “Pine” and you think of freshness, rustic charm, the great outdoors. And Christmas. All lovely feelings that you don’t get from words like “digital design packages” or “boutique studio” or even “UX-led website development.”

Those words would all apply to what we do, but they don’t fit. Pine does. So Pine it is.

What Makes Pine Different?

We care.

OK, you’ve caught us. Everyone says they care. Everyone says they’re passionate.

So how is Pine really any different?

It’s because we practice what we preach.

We’re friendly? Yep. Pick up the phone and you’ll see. Or hear. Every call, every meeting, every email. You’ll see we’re friendly, warm and approachable. And you’ll love working with us.

We’re responsible? We chose a small home studio with no commute to keep our carbon footprint small. It’s also why we choose environmentally responsible print partners. We’re also responsible when it comes to clients. Running a charity? We’re happy to help. Selling burgers to schoolkids? We’ll need to pass.

We care? Honestly, yes. That’s why we prefer to work with companies who care too. Charities, schools, ethical and responsible businesses. And that’s why we keep overheads low to pass on the savings to you.

That’s not lip-service. We’ve devoted a whole page to the causes we care about.

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