Events Have Changed

What a rough year or so it's been for events. Who knew that something as enjoyable as charity sports events, live music and get-togethers would be hit so hard over the past year or so?

However, this massive restriction on events has allowed organisers and marketeers to use some creativity. And, for obvious reasons, I'm a big fan of creativity.

Step into frame the 'Virtual Event'.

Before 2020, the idea of a virtual event was not something I'd ever heard of. But oh how things change!

Recently I've been working with some lovely clients on build some brilliant brand identities for both virtual and 'normal' events. And it's safe to say that having a creative identity for an event is now more important than ever!

It's not just about a logo... but a good logo helps.

Events need a strong presence. And of course, a logo helps with this. But a brand identity is more than just a logo. Use of photography, colour palette, tone of voice, calls to action all play a big part in creating a strong identity.

The Dambusters Ride Logo
The branding that I created for the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund's charity bike ride. A virtual and physical event.

The need for social is more important than ever.

Everyone is on social media now. And they're on it all of the time! OK so that might be a bit of an over-statement, but when people are trapped indoors (lockdown) they inherently go on their phones more.

And this is where creating a suite of social media assets is important. And making these assets consistent across all social platforms really ties everything together.

Instagram stories images for the Dambusters Charity Bike Ride
Instagram Stories images for The Dambusters Ride. Just a small part of the whole suite of social assets used to market the event.

Teamwork. It's all about the teamwork.

Branding an event isn't a single person job. A great team of creative and open-minded people make it all happen successfully! My role as a designer in these sorts of projects is to work closely with marketing and social media teams to achieve something that everyone is happy with. And it always helps to have a few good pairs of eyes to pick up on any discrepancies or inconsistencies.

So here's to a (hopefully) brilliant Summer of getting out there and participating in events. Whether it be participating in a charity bike ride (I am), or going to an outdoor gig. Have fun everyone. Take care and stay safe...

… Oh and take a bit of time to appreciate the awesome brand identities of the events! Lots of hard work and long hours went into creating them!

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