Pine Launches A Side Hustle

We're still in 'lockdown' conditions here in the UK. In my previous post I mentioned that I'd re-kindled (pun intended) my love for woodwork by making climbing training products for the UK climbing community.

Well I've taken this a step further. And because I'm in the world of branding and marketing I of course had to come up with a brand.

And so Honest Holds was born. I've positioned it as a side-hustle to my freelance design services. Something to focus on whilst I'm in lockdown and to carry on with when I have downtime from my design work.

One of the Honest Holds products. The 'Honest Pinch Block'.

The premise of Honest Holds is simple: I take timber that is otherwise going to be thrown away and up-cycle it into climbing training products. Creating small batches of rock climbing holds using reclaimed materials also ties in with my personal ethical views, which is something that I focus on with work at Pine.

I went with the name 'Honest Holds', as it's a trait that I carry. And I've often been ridiculed for being too honest, as if it's some sort of character flaw. The holds I create aren't perfect, they're flawed in some minor way or another. But they are honest. They are handmade, they function well, and they're aesthetically pleasing.

View the Honest Holds website here.

Buy products here.


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