Tips On Choosing The Right Branding Expert

Branding. A hugely important part of any business.

But what is branding?

Well, let me start with what branding isn’t.

Branding isn’t just a logo and colour scheme. Branding is a way of telling the unique story of a business. This story comes over time, and consists of many elements. Some of them are visual and some of them not so much.

Here’s a few examples of the visual elements:

-      Logo and colour scheme (the obvious ones)

-      Website

-      Point of Sale (if you have a physical shop)

-      Merchandise and marketing materials.

And a couple of less visual, but equally as important examples:

-      Tone of voice

-      Authority in your field of expertise.  

I can’t stress enough how important it is to get your branding right. Branding is how your audience view and judge you as a company. You can have the best product or service offering. But if the brand image isn’t appropriate, then your potential audience won’t get behind you.

“If your car breaks and you have limited knowledge of car mechanics, then you’d take it to the garage to let the experts repair it right?"

That’s where branding experts come in to play.

And when you’re looking to find a branding expert to work on your brand then consider these things:

Know that you need an expert to complete the task.

If your car breaks and you have limited knowledge of car mechanics, then you’d take it to the garage to let the experts repair it right?

Find someone you trust.

A recommendation is always a powerful thing when you’re looking to work with anybody in any context.

If you don’t know anyone who’s worked with your chosen branding expert before then maybe track down (in a non-stalker kind of way) one of their clients and ask what it was like working with them.  

Find someone with experience.

Experience is definitely a good thing. So find someone with at least a few years of experience of tackling real-life creative briefs. They don’t necessarily have to have bucket loads of experience within your sector though. Any creative worth their salt can adapt to whatever sector they are working within.

Determine a budget.

What are you willing to spend on to make your brand successful? The old adage of ‘You get what you pay for’ still rings true for working with any creative.

If you have a budget in mind, then float it to the branding expert first. They can always tailor their offering to your budget.

Pull together a loose brief.

It’s always good to approach a branding expert with a general brief. Although designers and branding experts love creative freedom, the hardest brief to work to is ‘do whatever you want’. That’s why it’s always good to have a vague idea of what you’re looking to achieve before you approach a branding expert.

So there we go. A simple insight into choosing the right expert for your next branding project.

An laminated GIF of the design process of a recent project

The various stages of a logo project. These projects take time. It may look chaotic, but there is a process to any good brand expert's work.

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