Book Review: Company Of One

I don’t tend to read too many ‘businessy’ books, as I feel they are often disconnected to the way that a single person business operates. Many of them are geared towards businesses with employees that are looking to grow big and profit greatly.

So when I heard about Paul Jarvis’ ‘Company Of One’ I got a little bit excited.

I’ve been receiving Paul’s weekly update emails for a while now. They’re called ‘The Sunday Dispatch’ and they’re pretty much the first thing that I read on a Monday morning before I start work. They offer a great insight into the world of solo entrepreneurship.

Company Of One struck quite a few chords with me. The book is aimed at anybody that runs a product or service business by themselves or with a very small team.

The main premise of the book is to stay small with your business and work on making it better and not bigger. The need for physical growth isn’t always the way forward for business.

The idea of what Paul describes as being ‘too small to fail’ is something that resonates with me. It fits with my view that the world of work is not just about making loads of money. It’s about shaping your work life to allow you to do the things that you love doing in your none-work time.

The book is great for anyone who wants to start their own ‘Company Of One’, giving them the freedom to make their own decisions and carve their own path in the world of entrepreneurship.

“Real freedom is gained when you define upper to your goals and figure out what your own personal sense of enough is.”

Paul is also a fellow keen outdoors person. He works enough hours to be able to explore his surroundings whenever he sees fit, which happens to be the incredible Vancouver Island in western Canada.  

I can certainly recommend this book for anyone that is working for themselves, who’s end goal is to work smartly and have the freedom to pursue their work and lifestyle goals.

So head over to Paul’s website and grab a copy today!

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