A New Direction - Design For Good Causes

I’ve been running Pine as a design practice since 2015. That’s pretty much 4 years I’ve got under my belt. And previous to those 4 years I did a further 5 years in agencies, in-house and as a freelancer. So I’ve kind of covered most of the bases as a designer.

Earlier this year I got a bit despondent with it all. I was tired of doing work for any client and working just for the money. I needed a change.  

My outlook on the world can be quite cynical, but it’s one that I’ve always felt strongly about, I feel like humanity is on a downhill slope, and things like greed and mass production are speeding up our descent.

The world is full of companies selling you the consumer a dream that if you own this brand-new fancy car or wear these expensive trendy clothes then you’ll somehow be a success in life. And that’s something that I don’t agree with.

And the way that these products and services get out into the world? Well that’s marketing and advertising. Seeing as I’m a creator of marketing and advertising platforms and materials, I can’t help but think that I’m part of the issue.

So in March this year I decided to take a new direction with my design practice. My plan is to focus on only good causes; clients that are having a positive impact on society, the environment and the future of this world.

And the results? Making this shift and ‘niching down’ into a specific client sector that aligns with my worldly views has re-ignited my love for design. It’s created even more passion and drive to make my business succeed.

It’s early days at the moment. But the clients I currently work with are great, and they align with my ethics perfectly.


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