Frequently Asked Questions

Can hiring a designer help to increase your marketing impact and push your business forward? Well yes, of course. But I think you knew the answer to that one already.


Q: You say that you'll only work with ethically minded clients. How come?

After 10 years in the design industry, we've made a shift to work alongside clients that share our ethics and that want to make the world a better place. If you have that passion too, then we'll probably get along just fine. If you're selling products that harm the world or have a negative impact then you're probably looking in the wrong place for your designer.

Q: But surely that's restrictive for you?

Not really. It means that we're experts in one field, rather than spreading ourselves thinly across all of the many corners of the design world. And it means that we're contributing positively to the world.

Q: I’m not based in the Manchester area. Can you still design for me?

Certainly. We're not tied down to working for clients within one area. The beauty of the modern working world is that we’re all connected. For this reason, we can work and have worked with clients all over the globe.

Q: How much will my project cost?

Every project that we produce is bespoke, just as good design should be. We don’t work to templates, as they’re fairly restrictive. There is certainly no ‘one price fits all’ here. If you’ve got a project in mind, then just ask, and we'll price it up.

Q: But what makes you better at design than my Auntie’s friend of a friend who studied art at A Level and says he’ll work for free?

For starters, we've been working within the design industry for 10 years. We've held some varied roles within the industry ranging from being designers in marketing agencies, working in-house for media companies and working with clients directly. We've had a varied career so far.

We also believe that the people in the creative industry should be paid fairly. Afterall, we’ve all got bills to pay and mouths to feed.