The Hub GB


Branding a Team GB training facility

Working with Rock Over Climbing we produced an identity to boost their new Team GB training facility into the public spotlight.

Indoor rock climbing is rapidly growing as a sport and is becoming popular with enthusiasts looking for a great way to keep fit, healthy and socially active. The sport has even made it into the 2020 Olympic Games.

Rock Over Climbing; Manchester's premier indoor rock climbing centre is ever expanding, and its most recent venture was tipped to set it apart from the competition.  

The very best climbers from throughout the UK needed the chance to train and prepare for the biggest competition in their climbing careers, and so The Hub GB was born.

A photo of the Great Britain bouldering youth team climbing in the climbing centre with The Hub logo over the top

The Results

As with any new venture, an identity was required to project the right image within the rock climbing community. We created The Hub GB identity to be simple, yet bold enough to reflect its stature as a world-class climbing and training facility.  

A photo of a woman bouldering in the climbing centreThe Hub logo with a white background