The Brewer's Eye

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Creating An Online Presence For A Pioneer In The Beer Community

The Brewer's Eye, an independent app for the beer community has one vision: "To create an inclusive beer universe celebrating all that is great with beer across the world". The app has a global following and allows users to search for taprooms and breweries near them, stay up-to-date with the latest beer news, find their perfect beer, book a brewery tour and much more. In order to raise their profile to new users and push the app forward The Brewer's Eye needed a simple web presence that showed off the features and usability that the app gives to it's current users.

The Brewer's Eye app screenshot examples

The Results

A bespoke, responsive single-page website was created that kept a clean design to run alongside The Brewer's Eye branding. Because the main aim of the website was to bring new users on-board to the app, download buttons are present and eye catching. The app is packed full of features, so it only seemed logical to show some of them off. Screenshot imagery is balanced against descriptive text to speak directly to potential users.

The app is incredibly successful within a thriving community, so it was a great pleasure to work alongside a business that helps to grow this community even further.

A screenshot of the Brewer's Eye website designThe full Brewer's Eye logo with brewery image behind