GB Sport Climbing

Branding, Apparel Design

Helping Climbers To Reach Their Peak

GB Sport Climbing, a Manchester based non-profit organisation that helps tosupport elite rock climbing athletes wanted a helping hand in creating its identity and apparel. Climbing is my passion and hobby, so I jumped at the chance to do my bit to help support an industry that has brought so much joy to my life in recent years.

GB Sport Climbing logo

The Results

I wanted to create something simple but meaningful for the GB Sport Climbing brand identity. Firstly the 3 triangles symbolise mountains and rock faces, which is a staple symbol within the rock climbing industry. The shapes also symbolise the athletes and their potential to reach their peak.

I kept the colour scheme simple too, choosing to use the Great British red, white and blue. The typography and the half-tone/dot pattern add a little bit of a retro flair to the identity!

Alongside this new identity, I was tasked with creating GB Sport Climbing's apparel, which allow the public to support the organisation's cause and the athletes that it helps.

The launch of GB Sport Climbing was a huge success, with a unique indoor climbing competition being held in Manchester that saw British athletes battling against each other.

A photo of a GB Sport Climbing black t-shirtA photo of a GB Sport Climbing white t-shirtA photo of the commentator from the GB Titans bouldering event. Wearing the GB Sport Climbing branded t-shirt.Photo of a male boulder