Alderley Edge School For Girls

Print Design

Promoting a school's rich history to their pupils

Alderley Edge School For Girls, an established independent school in Cheshire has a rich history of quality education for girls between the ages of 2 and 18. The school approached us to create a visual platform to celebrate the achievements of their high-flying alumnae and inspire the students to achieve greatness.

A photo of the vinyl lettering quotes on the walls of Alderley Edge School For Girls

The Results

The chosen route for the project was large format printing and wall-mounted vinyl lettering. This gave us the perfect platform to create a high-impact talking point and a source of inspiration for visitors, staff and students.

Simplicity and boldness was key when it came to the creative direction of the alumnae artwork. The focal point is large imagery and inspirational quotes from the alumnae.

The artwork serves its purpose well by giving viewers an insight into the achievements of some of the UK's most successful women, who all studied at Alderley Edge School For Girls.

A selection of famous, inspirational quotes were produced and applied throughout the school. The quotes are linked to their respective department in the school, making them relevant to their location.

The vinyl quotes are striking and noticeable to all students and visitors of the school, making them a true talking point throughout the school.

A photo of the printed alumnae boards on the walls of the Alderley Edge School For Girls main hallA photo of a vinyl lettering quote on the walls of Alderley Edge School For Girls