A nighttime illustration of the sky, moon and the Pine Design Studio logo.

There’s More to Life than Making Money

Things Pine Cares About
(and I Mean Really Cares About).

Here at Pine, we love designing and artworking and branding and all that kind of thing. But that’s not all we care about. We’re into climbing rocks and riding bikes and exploring the world and meeting new people and sharing our skills.

And the more we climb and ride and explore and talk and teach, the more we realised that the work we do’s just got to reflect all that.

So here’s what we’re passionate about. And we mean really, honestly, genuinely passionate. Not the twee “we all love our jobs” passion you see on every other business website out there.

This is why we get out of bed in the morning. And if you’re passionate about the same things, you’re the kind of business we’d love to work with.

Charities and Not-For-Profits

If you’re a charity, if you’re in this to help people instead of turning a profit, if you’re focused on wanting to make the world a better place – then Pine’s the design studio for you. We bend over backwards to help charities, keeping our costs low so you can spend more of the money you bring in on good causes, even as we help you reach a wider audience.


If you want to be the best you, you’ve got to get out there and learn. Whether that’s through school, college or University (and Pine works with loads of those) or by learning new skills or outlooks, education’s the key to everything. Whether it’s building a career or honing a hobby, we love to support all kinds of teachers.

Sport, Health and Wellbeing

An active lifestyle’s really important to us. For starters, you get more life if you’re healthier. But you’ll cover more ground, see more things and experience more than you’d thought possible. So if your business helps people move more, live longer and be happier, we’re on the same page.


If you open a paper, you’ll see the world’s not in great shape. So much waste, so much pollution, so much damage. At Pine, we’re about reducing our impact. Low carbon footprints, cycling instead of driving, printing on recycling paper. If your company has green credentials, whether they’re in renewable energy, conservation efforts or just reducing your own impact, we’ll be delighted to do business with you.

The Great Outdoors

Think of a “web designer.” What do you see? Skinny jeans? Skinny latte? Skinny-rimmed glasses? Designers love to create this image of the indoorsy, bookish tortured artist. Not us. Like we said. Climbing rocks. Riding bikes. Exploring the world. We love outdoor activities and we love outdoor brands. Even better if your outdoor sports brand is also working to keep the great outdoors great.