Creative services to communicate your unique brand story to your audience.

Pine is a design studio based in the Greater Manchester area of England. Arran and Chris run the studio, and our network of developers and content creators allow us to offer a wide range of creative services to clients of all sizes. 

Agency quality work, without the
agency price tag.

Don’t let our small size fool you. Pine is packed full of experience. Over the years we’ve held agency and in-house job roles and we’ve worked on a large range of projects.

Staying small means that we can offer our knowledge and experience at a highly competitive price.


Chris Seed
Co-founder & Creative

Specialist in branding and design. Loves simple, usable creativity.
Climbs huge rocks. Rides fast bikes down big hills.


Arran Critchley
Co-founder & Creative

Branding, typography and advertising. Experiments with new visual mediums. Takes great pictures. Explores new terrain.